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Do you have a passion for conservation and behaviour? Are you interested in behavioural interactions between humans and primates? Do you feel strongly about issues related to sustainability?

  • Funded PhD opportunities will be advertised on If you have funding from external sources, or plans to apply for funding, and would like to join the lab, please get in touch. Please note that the lab does not accept self-funded students, in order to avoid disadvantaging potential students without access to these means.


  • You can join our lab as a Masters student by applying to the MSc in Biological Sciences Research offered by Royal Holloway (click here for more details).

  • If you are a postgraduate student from a developing country and are interested in undertaking a short one month project with the lab as part of the Internship Program of the Student Conference on Conservation Science (click here for more details) please get in touch!

  • Are you an undergraduate at Royal Holloway? We sometimes have opportunities as part of internal internship programs, please get in touch if you are interested.

Please contact us for further information

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