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Interactions between humans and primates in the western Amazon

There are a number of publications from work in the Ecuadorian Amazon looking at the relationship between Waorani hunters and their primate prey on the publication page.


In 2017, Rebecca Sheehan studied the responses of pygmy marmosets to playbacks of human conservation. You can find out more about her study in a short article in The Conservation, or in the publication in The American Journal of Primatology. Sarah Papworth has also spent three years working with Fundamazonas and Operation Wallacea on a project on primate behaviour in Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, and Chloe Metcalfe conducted her MSc research on the large-headed capuchin at the site in the summer of 2018.


More recently, the Conservation and Behaviour lab have been working in flooded forest near Iquitos, Peru. At the moment, Larissa Barker, Millie Hawkins and Erin Mason are all working on projects with primates in the area.