Gola Forest, West Africa

Both Sorrel Jones and Camilla Blasi-Foglietti are working in the Gola Forest in Liberia, and Camilla is also working in the Sierra Leonean side of the forest.

Sorrel is focusing on communities around the forest. She recently published an article describing the relationships between bushmeat hunters and traders, and an another which describes how marketing methods can be used to divide hunters into groups, so that conservation interventions can be targeted at similar individuals.

Camilla is focusing on how monkeys in the forest react to human presence, and whether this varies with hunting pressure in a way that could affect density estimates. There's a lot of information about the site on Camilla's personal website, and if you want to see what a day in the Gola Forest is like, watch Camilla's video here.

Diana monkey
Spot-nosed monkey
Looking for monkeys
Sooty mangabeys
Camilla in the field
Spot-nosed monkey
Sorrel in the field
Diana monkey



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